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Welcome to Year 1.

There are two classes in Y1, Daffodil Class and Sunflower Class.

Children begin the National Curriculum in Year 1 and this is a natural progression from Early Years. They have both an English and Maths focus in the mornings.

Subjects that are taught in Year 1 are; Science, History, Geography, Religious Education, Music, Design and Technology, Art, PE, Computing and PSHE. Children in Y1 will make good progress through our Curriculum Plans in each individual subject.  Each subject builds upon their learning in Reception and is based upon the objectives from the KS1 National Curriculum Programmes of Study.  

A great emphasis is placed on the core subjects of English (Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing) and Mathematics. Children are encouraged to become scientists, historians, geographers and artists. Computing is also taught as a core skill and developed discretely through other areas of the curriculum. Classes have a strict code of Internet use and children develop an understanding of Internet safety.

In Year One children have daily whole class phonics sessions, as well as group interventions to support the needs of all pupils. In Year 1 we embark on the Phonics Screening where the children are tested on the phonemes that they have previously learnt. The link below gives you some government information about the screening. parents_phonic_info.pdf


Phonics Overviews

In Year One; children will cover level 3, 4 and 5 phonics. 

Level 3 Overview - Level 3 Overview Weeks 1-9 pdf

Level 3 Overview Weeks 10-12.pdf

Level 4 Overview - Level 4 Overview. pdf

Level 5 Overview - Level 5 Overview weeks 1-10. pdf

-Level 5 Overview weeks 11-20. pdf

Level 5 Overview weeks 21-30 .pdf


As well as daily reading at home and weekly spellings, homework will be set throughout each half term as a project, research or skills practice; through Teams and we ask that parents encourage their child to complete these tasks. 

Your child's progress will be carefully monitored by his/her teacher.  We have a system of formal half-termly or termly assessments and reading ages are monitored twice a year. These assessments and reviews will be shared with parents during consultation evenings. However; You are also welcome to ask about your child’s progress at any time. Please ask the class teacher if you would like further explanations of how you might help.


Welcome to Year 1 - Year 1 Induction


Curriculum Overviews

Autumn 1 2023- Autumn 1. pdf

Autumn 2 2023- Autumn 2. pdf

Spring 1 2024- Spring 1. pdf

Spring 2 2024- Spring 2. pdf

Summer 1 2024- Summer 1. pdf

Summer 2 2024- Summer 2. pdf


A typical week in Year 1 - Year 1 Timetable. pdf

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