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We do try to keep school open as much as we possibly can. However; occasionally  we have to close the school at short notice and do apologise for this. We appreciate closing school can be very disruptive for the whole family.

We close school if it is unsafe for health and safety reasons to be here eg no heating in middle of winter, no toilets or running water or school site is too dangerous because of significant ice/snow. On rare occasions it may be transport/road conditions are poor and not enough staff can get to work to look after the children. Whilst a few staff live very locally to school most staff travel from elsewhere in West Midlands, Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

If we do have to close school there are several ways in which we communicate this to parents/carers:-

The best ways to stay informed

  • By text message from our texting system to a mobile number you have supplied. Double check authenticity of the text by the checking the website if you have any doubts about the text. 
  • Checking our website. 
  • By local radio messages - please note however that sometimes there is a significant delay from informing a radio station to getting the message aired! Listen to Beacon Radio, Free Radio, Heart, Radio WM for messages.
  • Check Sandwell LEA website, Facebook and Twitter.
  • By signs around school


Please help us by:-

  • Letting your friends know
  • Keeping us informed of new mobile telephone numbers
  • Not phoning school to ask if school is open as it blocks the telephone lines
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