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Why our children wear uniforms?

School Uniform Policy.pdf

Over the years many arguments are put forward for and against the wearing of uniforms. Each school/academy has its own uniform policy or dress code.

At Ocker Hill Infant and Nursery we have given a considerable amount of thought to this debate; for and against and have decided that we will offer a uniform for the children to wear on a daily basis; however this is not compulsory.

Parents should raise any complaints they have about uniform with the Headteacher as it is her responsibilty to make sure that pupils follow the agreed rules on clothing.

Some points in favour of wearing a uniform:

  • A uniform helps identify non students and trespassers, in the corridor and on school grounds and allows easy recognition of Ocker Hill pupils on an school trip.

Stops children worrying over what to wear every day. Everyone is equal in school.

  • Saves money and is cost effective whilst giving a sense of pride, belonging and discipline.
  • Reduces conflict in the morning.
  • Reduces chances of bullying.
  • Reduces peer pressure.
  • Helps ensure appropriate clothing is worn.
  • Most schools/academies have rules regarding jewellery. These are usually issues surrounding health and safety (long earrings catching on equipment etc.) These rules also help reduce the risk of theft.

For earrings please wait until the Summer Holidays if you are allowing your child to have their ears pierced to allow the ears to heal before they return to school. Children are allowed to wear small studs to school; preferably no hoops as this is a health and safety issue for PE lessons.


School Uniform with our logo on can be purchased from the following places:

The School Uniform Merchant who have a shop based in Princes End.   They can be contacted by email at info@theschooluniformmerchant.co.uk   Their phone number is 0121 520 3120.  You can access their website to place orders and book appointment by clicking on the link below:


School Trends who are an online ordering only company.   You can access their website by clicking on the link below:


Alternatively visit www.schooltrends.co.uk then select ‘Find My School’ (just type in Ocker Hill to find our school) and follow the order instructions.  

The website pictures only show plain sweatshirts, we have included a photograph at the top of this webpage of the embroidered logo so you can see what it looks like on the blue garments. White polo shirts have the same embroidered logo but in blue and black.    

Please remember, you do not have to buy your uniform from our supplier and plain sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts etc, are perfectly acceptable.    These can be purchased from any uniform supplier and many of the major supermarkets such as ASDA, Tesco, Marks & Spencers and many more.  

 The lost property box is always full of uniform items and we cannot pass it back as they are not named. If your child loses an item of clothing please ask to look in lost property. 

Please put your child’s name in all items of clothing!


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