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There is a 78 place Nursery at Ocker Hill Infant and Nursery School. 39 in each session. Children attend part time or full time from the age of three onwards. When children start Nursery they are given a Morning (Buttercups),  Afternoon (Daisies) or Full time (Bluebells) place.  The full time places are offered linked to parents who qualify for 30 hours free childcare. Our Full time offer is fixed at 35 hours per week.  Parents pay a top up for the extra 5 hours at £30.00 per week.

Children are placed into family groups, red, blue and green; during this time they will have the opportunity to develop their personal, social and emotional skills as well as their communication and language skills. During the day; the children will access all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage both inside and outside.

In Nursery, the children learn through a cross curricular approach, this is where all areas of the curriculum are covered during their learning time. We encourage the children to plan activities around their personal interests and to take ownership of their learning. We begin to look at the school learning characters that help us to predict, question, summarise and many more.


We actively encourage parents to be involved in their child's early experiences of our school. We hold an Induction meeting in the Summer Term for parents and carers of children who will commence Nursery in the September. 

Every parent and their child is also invited in for a visit in September before they start Nursery.  During the academic year, we invite parents in regularly for Nursery performances, Inspire sessions and Star of the Week. 

To further enhance our communication with parents, we use Microsoft Teams for school to actively share information and achievements with parents. This helps staff to communicate and share information about our exciting curriculum.

When your child comes into Nursery we liaise carefully with parents, previous Nurseries or childcare establishments; this helps us to keep up to date with key information for children.


Morning Nursery 'Buttercups' starts at 8-30am until 11-30am.

Afternoon Nursery 'Daisies' starts at 12-30pm until 3-30pm. 

Full time Nursery 'Bluebells' starts at 8-30am until 3-30pm. 

Take a look at our timetable: Nursery Timetable 2023


Topic Overviews - 

Autumn 1 2023 - Year N Autumn 2023 Topic Poster

Autumn 2 2023 - Year N Autumn 2 20203 Topic Poster

Spring 1 2024 - Year Nursery Spring 1 Topic Poster

Spring 2 2024 - Year Nursery Spring 2 Topic Poster

Summer - Year Nursery Summer 1 docx.pdf


Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

There are three prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Curriculum these are:

  • Personal, Social, Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

There are also four specific areas known as:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design



What is included in Level 1 of Twinkl Phonics?

Level 1 is usually introduced in the nursery stage of early learning,  but the skills will carry through to reception, year 1 and year 2. During Level 1 children will develop their listening and communication skills through 7 aspects: 


  1. environmental sounds, 
  2. instrumental sounds, 
  3. body percussion, 
  4. rhythm and rhyme, 
  5. alliteration, 
  6. voice sounds, 
  7. oral blending and segmenting.


Why is Level 1 Phonics important?

In Level 1, children do not learn any letters or the sounds they make. The purpose of Level 1 is to develop children's listening and communication skills. including their vocabulary, to prepare them for reading and writing in the next level.

If children do not fully develop these skills it can mean that they may struggle to hear the individual sounds in words which can mean children find it much harder to spell and blend sounds for reading.

Level 1 Phonics Overview - Level One Overview


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