Ocker Hill Infant School

Ocker Hill Infant School

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Clubs to support learning at home

Home Reader Club

All children in YN to Y2 can join this club. Each year your child is given a Home Reader Booklet. Help your child to gain badges by hearing them read for a few minutes each day. Choose a time when they are not too tired or the television is too distracting...in fact it's best if you turn the telly off for a few minutes so your child can concentrate properly. When your child has completed a session make a comment in the booklet about how they did that day. After five sessions remind your child to ask their teacher for a badge.

Home Reader rewards


  • Every time your child reads with you/you read to them/complete a reading activity you can complete a box in their home reading record.
  • Your child will receive certificates across the year for reading at home with you.
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