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30.03.2020 - reminder letter to parents regarding Online Learning - online learning reminder letter.pdf

Announcement: Don't forget you can email any of your work, send your teacher a note, letter or question to this new email address -

Reminder - New learning will be uploaded every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Active Learn Primary School Code - 3k7j

Check out this week's incredible episode from Hadley Beckett and his Dad - Matt! (Yes, that's right...Mrs Beckett's son and her husband!) Tune into some exciting experiments  -

Super Simple Stuff

BBC iPlayer and the Red Button service will host Bitesize Daily. These are six different 20 minute shows, each designed to target a specific age group, from ages five to 14, and for pupils throughout the UK -

Year 2 Learning

This page is for Year 2 Learning over the coming weeks of school closure. This page will be regularly updated for you to access learning and ideas with your child.

Please find below the information that was sent out with your learning book.

Learning at home - year 2.pdf

Hello Year 2!

Welcome to your home learning page.This is a chance to show your parents, siblings or an adult at home how hard you have been working in Year 2 and just how clever you are because remember all the teachers at Ockerhill already know! Your Year 2 teachers will be giving you a phonics, English and Maths activity to complete with an adult at home. Some of the things we will give you to do may be things you have already learnt in class but this will give you a chance to practice it some more. We will also be sending you other tasks to complete to keep you engaged and ensure you have some fun!

Remember to be using Queenie Questioner to question the learning; Sammy Summariser to summarise the learning and Clarissa Clarifier to clarify the learning that takes place. Along with this; remember Rosie Resilience - keep bouncing back; Connor Concentration - concentrate on your task in hand; Penny Perseverance - keep on trying.

Whilst you are at home, we would really like you to think about a home learning project. This can be about anything you are really interested in and would like to find out more about. This could be based on animals, insects, space, science, an author, transport, a location, etc. You might decide to create an arts and craft project, a poster, a fact file or your very own information book about everything you have found out.

 Don’t forget to read every day too! Enjoy your week, work super hard and have lots of fun!

We miss you already
Miss Pickering and Miss Clay 

Information from Sandwell Local Authority - through this challenging and unsure time the Local Authority have sent some information to help you and your families; also more information can be found on the Sandwell website -

Children's guide to Corona - cco-childrens-guide-to-coronavirus.pdf

Go Play Sandwell document - GoPlaySandwellWelcome.pdf

EO Learning at Home - EO learning at home guidance ( March 2020).pdf

 Reminder - Don't forget you can access daily online learning from Oak National Academy

Geography Project 'We Love Our Planet' Friday update 22.05.20

A message from your teachers

Good morning Ocker Hill parents and and children! This is Mrs Dutfield and I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all of your hard work! Many of you have sent us your project ideas to our home learning email and your teachers have loved looking at them! We are so proud of you. I hope you like your certificate! 


There is still time to enter your project by email, the completion date is Monday 1st June 2020 after your half term holiday. So please keep sending your ideas in to our email, we love to see your ideas! 


Today we have a little treat for you! Your teachers have been working really hard on the 'We Love Planet Earth' project too! The presentation below has lots of messages from your teachers, giving you some ideas for both your project and every day lives to help keep our planet safe!


We hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes and thanks again, 

Mrs Dutfield (Class Teacher and School Geography Lead) xx


Summer 1 - Week 5 (18.05.2020) Geography Project.

Good morning Ocker Hill parents and children! This is Mrs Dutfield and this week I am setting a homework challenge for you and your families to enjoy! The homework project is called 'We Love Our Planet!' and is set in conjunction with World Environmental Day 2020. All the details and resources for this week are below, I hope you enjoy them! Please send your entries and ideas into our email by Monday 1st June 2020 and you can receive a certificate for your hard work! 

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by email!

Many thanks, Mrs Dutfield (Class Teacher and School Geography Lead) xx

Your poster template....

Below are even more resources for you to enjoy with your family, hope you enjoy them!


Twinkl Messy Magpie Story The Messy Magpie story.pdf

Twinkl Messy Magpie Information Powerpoint Recycling information from Messy Magpie.pdf

Twinkl Messy Magpie Sorting Game Messy magpie recycling sorting game.pdf

We're Going Green! Song

Turtle Diaries Recycling Game

British Council Recycling Game

Here is your weekly newspaper

Summer 1 - Week 4 Learning (11.05.20)

Hello Year 2 and families, 

We hope you had a fantastic weekend and are ready to get stuck into some more learning!

Here are some activities for you to do at home. Thank you for the lovely emails and work you have sent in.

You can share any of your work, thoughts or ideas with your teacher by sending them to

We miss you all and hope that you are keeping safe at home. 

Keep smiling 

Miss Clay and Miss Pickering

Scroll down for Wednesday's learning!

Language Challenge 1

Here is a short music video on numbers to ten in French!

I have been taking on lots of language challenges over the last couple of weeks and have learnt new words, how to count up to ten in lots of different languages and say some phrases! I have been practising them on Miss Pickering and we decided we should share the fun with you too!

So, if you would like to take on a fun weekly language challenge, tune into the video and get practising at home!

Miss Clay

Take a look at this special presentation featuring Chef Clay and Chef Pickering!

There are some great tasks here for you to complete and to make sure you are practising all the fabulous maths skills you have learnt throughout school. 

Here is a little story about fractions...

Here is your weekly newspaper!

Story Time

Here is one of your favourite stories! We miss reading it to you, so here is a chance for you to have a look from home. 

 Wednesday 13th May 

Read over the top tips to support reading at home as suggested by the Education Endowment Foundation. Throughout the week pay close attention to anything your child may read and have a go at implementing a few of the top tips provided below. 

You may ask your child to read the rainbow fish weaving instructions in one of the tasks below.. Ask them questions about what they have read, can they predict the next step? 

Remember to make reading as fun and encouraging as possible!

Take a look at the PowerPoint below, all about the seaside now compared to the past!

There are lots of similarities and differences, can you spot them?

Last week you learnt all about the human and physical features of the seaside/coastline.

This week we are going to explore a seaside town in greater depth! Take a look at the PowerPoint below to find out lots of information about St. Ives. You can use the Web Frame below to gather all your research or you may decide to present your research however you like.. this may be as a poster, a fact file or a leaflet.

Why not have a look at St. Ives on Google Earth!

Here are some instructions on how to make a rainbow fish to support the NHS!

I had a go at making my own rainbow fish on Monday, it was a little bit tricky weaving the paper in and out but I remembered Penny Perseverance and I kept on trying! I even made a little mistake.. I accidentally ripped my fish and I had to cellotape him back together! I am so proud of my hard work, so I have put my fish up in my kitchen window for all of my neighbours to see.

Maybe you could have a go at making your own rainbow fish but remember it's OK to make mistakes and you can always ask an adult for help!

Remember to send your pictures to

Me and Miss Clay would love to see your NHS rainbow fish!

Miss Pickering xxx

Friday 15th May 

Have a look at this presentation from Twinkl about making decisions.

Have a look at the activity to complete below.

Here is a story that we would have read in class by Julia Donaldson

When you write your Magic Shell story, you will need to include lots of adjectives to grab the interest of the reader. Check out this BBC website all about adjectives. It has lots of information, funny videos and a quiz for you to have a go at.

Summer 1 - Week 3 Learning (04.05.20) 

Week's work- 4th May 2020.pdf, Phonics_ WC 04.05.20.pdf, English- Character description.pdf, Maths- Shapes.pdf, Shape Quiz.pdf, Sign language greetings.pdf, BSL (2).pdf, BSL (1).pdf, Seaside.pdf Arithmetic.docx, Mystery Food Tasting Challenge.docx, Paper plate, Food chains.ppt

Messages from your teachers- From your teachersa-very-special-message.docx 

Click here for your weekly newspaper!


Victory in Europe Day, also known as VE Day, celebrates the Allied Forces accepting the Nazi’s unconditional surrender from World War 2. The final document was signed on 8 May 1945. Today, countries throughout the world celebrate VE Day every year.

In the UK, we generally celebrate VE Day with a 2-minute silence at 11 am. It gives us a chance to remember the sacrifice made by those who lost their lives and to reflect on the unimaginable pain and suffering caused by the war. 

Have a look at the Twinkl PowerPoint below to learn more!

VE Day PP.pdf

Imagine you are a soldier on the front line during during the Second World War. You have just found out that the war in Europe is over!
Write a diary entry about the experience and how you feel.

VE Day Diary Writing.pdf


Click here to watch Winston Churchill announce Germany's unconditional surrender!

Check out some other VE Day activities below!

 Wartime Recipe Booklet.pdfDownload
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'We'll meet again' is a British song made famous by the singer 'Vera Lynn'. The song is one of the most famous songs during the Second World War. 

Click play below to listen. Why not have a go at learning the lyrics!

We'll Meet Again - Lyrics.pdf

Summer 1 - Week 2 Learning (27.04.20) 

Keep practising your counting patterns. Counting forwards and backwards from a different number. Counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s forwards and backwards. Maybe you could challenge someone at home?

Here is a video about counting in your 2s

Start experimenting with music on Play It!
Explore the different elements that make up a song, play or clap along with the music and then make and listen back to your own version of songs.

Click here to access Play It!

Can you solve the maths challenge?
Have a go at solving the two maths challenges below, taken from BBC/Bitesize.

To access more daily lessons click here!

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Click here to have a go at the R.E quiz about symbols and places of worship.

There are lots of fantastic video clips you can also watch here.

Have a look at these mindfulness and arts and crafts tasks that you could do at home.

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 Pie Corbett has released some reading and writing materials for you to look at -  "Discover what is inside the Magical Box"

 Also Picture News have forwarded a few ideas for discussion and writing - See File list below - 

 British Values - 13th April.pdfDownload
 Learning from Home Ideas - 13th April Picture News.pdfDownload
 Picture News Paper - 13th April.pdfDownload
 Picture News Poster 13th April.jpgDownload
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Summer 1 - Week 1 Learning (20.04.2020)

Welcome back Year 2!

We hope you have all had a lovely Easter break filled with fun, family time, mindfulness and of course, lots of Easter eggs! Now you have had lots of time to relax and recharge we hope you are ready for even more learning and that you will continue to shine like the super stars that you are.

We miss you lots and can’t wait to see you all very soon, stay safe.

Miss Pickering and Miss Clay

We hope you have managed to write a few diary entries during the time you have been learning from home. If you haven’t yet, don’t worry as you can start today! We have uploaded a PowerPoint for you from Twinkl about using tense, some fantastic posters with lots of great words that you could use in your writing and a diary checklist to make sure you stay on track. Remember how important diaries can be, for example, we learnt a lot about The Great Fire of London thanks to Samuel Pepys’ diary! Hopefully, we can share some of these when we are back to school. Keep up the good work.

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St. George’s Day - Here is a website link with quizzes and videos all about St. George’s Day, this will help you with your tasks. See if you could make a celebration poster about St. George’s Day, using some of the facts you have learnt and have a go at creating your own fact file.

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In the UK, Ramadan began on the evening of Thursday 23rd April and will finish the evening of Saturday 23rd May. This is an important Islamic event where Muslims focus on prayer, fasting and giving. Have a look at the following resources to learn more.


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Spring 2 - Week 2 Learning...

The websites below have lots of fun and exciting crafts that you might be able to do at home.

Here are a few extra craft ideas from Twinkl.


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Here is some news from Picture News for you all with some activities they have sent over too!

 Animal Watch 3rd A.pdfDownload
 British Values - 30th March.pdfDownload
 Learning from Home Ideas - 6th April.pdfDownload
 Picture News at Home - 30th March.pdfDownload
 Picture News Paper - 30th March.pdfDownload
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Spring 2 - Week 1 Learning...

Interesting Facts about Worms

  • An earthworm has no arms, legs or eyes.
  • Worms have the ability to eat their own weight in a day
  • Many animals get their food from the soil, but the earthworm eats the soil itself.  
  • If a worm's skin dries out, it will die.
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