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Hello families.

Hoping that you are all keeping well. 

Please find some information from the Good to Know Newsletter.

ParentZone have rounded up a list of 24 great summer reads for children of every age, guaranteed to get even the most reluctant of readers hungrily turning those pages. Click here for more information

Parent Zone have produced a list of 22 summer learning resources that children will love. Click here for Summer learning resources that children will love.

CEOP have produced a new family activity sheet for the summer holidays which involves explore favourite videos together. Click here for information.

Change for Life have produced information for families with ideas for healthier meals and exercise tips for children. Click here for Change4Life.

Public Health England has launched a major new adult health campaign. COVID-19 has affected the whole country; for almost everyone, life has had to fundamentally change. But it has also prompted many people to reflect and think more seriously about their health. Click here for Better Health.

Remember to please get in touch if you need anything from us at school. - -

Take care all and Stay Safe.


Morning Families;

Hope you are having a good summer break and staying safe. Remember to work on those key skills and use the suggested website in your Summer booklet below; as well as the websites that you have your logs ins for; Oxford Owl, Education City; Active Learn. Make learning Fun!!

Don's forget the Sandwell Libraries challenge and activities with the Silly Squad, Sign up and have fun. Please see the Activities book for the library below.

Summer Revision Skills Booklet.

To the families of Ocker Hill Infant School,

Thank you for all of your support and engagement with the home learning tasks, challenges and projects.

It has been a very strange time and this has become the new normal. We appreciate your interaction and thank those that have sent learning/messages to teachers.

We hope that you have found the learning useful and it has helped to keep working on key skills. This will really help as children prepare to move to their new classes.

We are uploading a 'Summer Skills Revision Booklet' for you to work through in your own time which will keep your brains ticking over the Summer holidays. If there are any queries please contact staff via email this week.

Thank you

Hello Year 2!

Welcome to your home learning page.This is a chance to show your parents, siblings or an adult at home how hard you have been working in Year 2 and just how clever you are because remember all the teachers at Ocker Hill already know! Your Year 2 teachers will be giving you a phonics, English and Maths activity to complete with an adult at home.

Remember to be using Queenie Questioner to question the learning; Sammy Summariser to summarise the learning and Clarissa Clarifier to clarify the learning that takes place. Along with this; remember Rosie Resilience - keep bouncing back; Connor Concentration - concentrate on your task in hand; Penny Perseverance - keep on trying.

 Don’t forget to read every day too! Enjoy your week, work super hard and have lots of fun!

We miss you 
Miss Pickering and Miss Clay 


Information from Sandwell Local Authority - through this challenging and unsure time the Local Authority have sent some information to help you and your families; also more information can be found on the Sandwell website -

Children's guide to Corona - cco-childrens-guide-to-coronavirus.pdf

Go Play Sandwell document - GoPlaySandwellWelcome.pdf

EO Learning at Home - EO learning at home guidance ( March 2020).pdf

 Reminder - Don't forget you can access daily online learning from Oak National Academy

BBC iPlayer and the Red Button service will host Bitesize Daily. These are six different 20 minute shows, each designed to target a specific age group, from ages five to 14, and for pupils throughout the UK -

Active Learn Primary School Code - 3k7j

30.03.2020 - reminder letter to parents regarding Online Learning - online learning reminder letter.pdf

New books from The Maginatian Press

The Magination Press write a range of books about families and how different all families are. They have wrote books and resources for talking to children about racial injustice.

 Book - Something Happened in Our Town - Something Happened in Our Town aims to answer children's questions and to help them identify and counter racial injustice in their own lives.

 Emma and Josh heard that something happened in their town. A Black man was shot by the police. "Why did the police shoot that man?" "Can police go to jail?"

 Read the story here - Book - Something Happened in Our Town 

Book - Lulu the One and Only - Discusses Family differences - But being a mix of Mama and Daddy always brings around THAT question. I hate THAT question. "What are you?"

Why not ask 'Who are you?'

Read the story here - Lulu, the One and Only - or listen here - click here for the story.

06.07.2020 - OHI Ourselves Project

Morning to all the OHI families.

Here is hoping you had a good weekend with families.

With the times forever changing and 2020 being a very different year to us.

Today we launch a new project 'Ourselves'.

Below you can click on links to see the Staff from Ocker Hill Infant and Nursery 2020.

You can click on the links to see the different members of staff and find out a little bit about them.

Now all we ask is that YOU ALL do the same.

With your families, can you create; anyway you would like;

Ourselves, about you so you can tell us all a little bit about you.

What are your interests? What is your favourite colour? What do you like to do in your spare time?

This is a great way to share info about the OHI family that we are.

Send your chosen designs for your project to - 

We can't wait to see and read them. 

Get creative!!

Click here for Mrs Faulkner

  Click here for Mrs Strange

  Click here for Mrs Griffiths

  Click here for Miss Bumford

  Click here for Mrs Golding

Click here for Miss Bailey

  Click here for Mrs Hobin

  Click here for Miss Clark

 Click here for Miss Stevens

  Click here for Miss Gittins

 Click here for Mrs Perrow

 Click here for Miss Eastwood

 Click here for Miss Richards

  Click here for Miss Bodenham

Click here for Miss Havenhand

 Click here for Miss Clay

 Click here for Mrs Newell

Click here for Mrs Beckett

 Click here for Mrs Sherwood

  Click here for Mrs Heath

  Click here for Mrs Bull

 Click here for Miss Pickering

  Click here for Mrs Powell

 Click here for Mrs Hughes


A Huge Thank You to all of those that took part in Sports Wellness Week.

Check the PowerPoint for what your teachers did over the week.

It is very important to Keep Fit; Stay Healthy, Look after your Well-being, Not Judge, Be Kind, Show Respect, Stay Motivated, Be mindful, Think, Keep Learning, Stay Connected and most of all

Be You; 

You Matter, 

Make a Difference, 

Be an OHI Sports Wellness Hero!!

Remember to scroll down for Week 5 Learning!

See what your teachers did over Sports Wellness Week!

Summer 2 - Week 5 Learning - 29.06.2020

Dear Year 2 and Parents,

We hope you all had a lovely weekend and received your letters from us through email. Thank you for the lovely responses we received from some of you.

If you did not get your letter, please send an email to to your teacher and we will re-send them to you! We are looking forward to hearing from you very much.

It is close to the end of the school year but we hope you are all still trying hard with your work. Every piece of work you do, helps to keep all those fabulous skills and all the knowledge you have gained, fresh and secure in your mind. It is very important that you still try hard in your learning to make sure you feel more prepared for Year 3.

We still hope to see you soon and we don’t want you to forget how much you have all already achieved from September!

Love from

 Miss Clay, Miss Pickering, Mrs Beckett, Mrs Heath, Mrs Powell and Miss Stevens.

You can do all of the phonics phases if you want to but make sure you at least do the phonics phase you have been working on in school. 

I have added chillies to these SPaG mats from Twinkl, so you can decide what level of challenge you would like to go for. 

Take a look at the e book below, it has got an important message and story line, which is similar to the things your teachers would have been talking to you about at school right now. When you have finished, have a go at completing the transition activity below. Remember, if you need to, copy the activity out into your working book or on some paper. 

Here are some more maths word problems for you to complete, along with your weekly times table practice booklet. Make sure you are practising your times tables every single day. 

 math word problems.pdfDownload
 Ultimate Times Table Daily Practice 4 Booklet.pdfDownload
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Listen to and watch the story unfold in the story book below. Pay attention as the next activities are all based on this story!

Wednesday 1st July 2020

Good morning Year 2,

Take a look at your mid-week update. With 2 and a half weeks left in school, this is the time we would start to recap all of the learning that has taken place since September and delve a little deeper, taking extra time to explore. Try your hardest and if you need any help or have any questions just drop an email to your teacher at 

Keep smiling, we are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Miss Clay and Miss Pickering

This is one of my favourite stories! Watch and listen to Chris O'Dowd read this epic story. You will need Connor Concentration because there are lots of activities based around this story. 

Here is an example of a comic strip created for The Jungle Book.

Using the comic strip template below, see if you can create a comic strip for the story - Arnie the Doughnut. If you are working straight onto paper, see if you can copy out the template or create your own design like the template above. 

Using words from the story, create your own word search and see if someone in your home can find all of the words!

Take a look at the presentation below about partitioning and see if you can complete the questions.

Here are some maths revision activities for you to complete to make sure you are revising all the areas we have covered in Year 2. You will need these skills ready for Year 3.

You have learnt a lot about materials during the Spring term and Summer term. Look at the PowerPoint below from Twinkl, all about the scientist Charles Macintosh and see if you can complete the end of unit test on materials. Don’t peek at the answers until you have finished all of the questions!

 Materials answers.pdfDownload
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Friday 3rd July

Good Morning Year 2

We hope you have had a good week so far. Here are some activities for you to have a go at. Please remember to also get some fresh air and exercise whenever you are able to.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Clay & Miss Pickering

You can use the template below or write it directly into your workbook.

Here is a funny poem written by Roald Dahl. Can you remember anything else Roald Dahl has written?

Complete the poetry tasks below. There are also word class posters to help you. 

Here are some extra time challenges for you to have a go at. 

This term's topic theme links to the seaside.

See if you can complete the activities below. Maybe you will be able to visit the seaside this summer.

 Seaside Comprehension.pdfDownload
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26.06.2020 - Sports Wellness Week - Finishing Friday

WOW WOW WOW Families

How has you wellness Week been? Good, Challenging, Exciting; Tell Us!

It is Finishing Friday! Which could only mean Crafts time; make those medals, make those trophies

YOU are an OHI Wellness Hero!

What have you done to change this week? What new skills have you learnt?

So get those totals and tallies completed and to us at

Revise some skills!

We say Congratulations for being an OHI Wellness Hero. Congratulate yourself!

Remember to keep using Chirpy and bounce.


´Remember; You cannot get through a day without having an impact on the world around you; What YOU do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind what kind of difference you want to make!!

25.06.2020 - Sports Wellness Week - Thinking Thursday

Good morning Families; Good morning Thursday.

Thinking Thursday!!

Hoping that you are all well....

What a week for Sports Wellness Week.

We hope you are getting lots of exercise activities in (click here to see them again) and also having time to interact with the other activities that have been put up.

How was your mindful colouring in the sun and heat; mine was very warm although the view from the window was lovely.

So today we have Thinking Thursday; what are we challenged to do today? Think; look, observe, show awareness, show respect, show kindness.

The world is full of people that are all different; but remember we area a social community team that should work together to make change.

Think about your favourite footballer; your favourite athlete, your favourite actor, your favourite singer. Most likely all very different but all with passion for what they do; celebrating team work and unity as well as togetherness with differences.

Check below for activities for Thinking Thursday; what can you change, 

What OHI Super Power will you show!?

24.06.2020 - Sports Wellness Week - Well-being Wednesday

Hey all OHI families.

How are your sports activities going? How are your discussions?

Well, half way through the week and today is Well-being Wednesday - That's right; as well as your health, You must look after your well-being. How I hear you say!

Dissolve a thought - dissolve those thoughts away, keep your head space clear and remember the 5 ways; 1 - Connect, 2 - Take Notice, 3 - Keep Learning, 4 - Be Active, 5 - Give.

Click Here for the list of Sports Activities

So go for walks, connect with the nature and the sights; Stop and think, how are you feeling; How does something make you feel; Take a chance for new opportunities and experiences; Move that body, come on stay active and of course, give a little, what could you give and take a moment to be mindful, listen, do a colouring, share your thought, be humble.

So Give it a go.... Look after your well-being... Take that opportunity to take notice and connect and most of all, be active and Be YOU!

Have a good day all, you are all amazing!

23.06.2020 - Sports Wellness Week - Try New Tuesday

Tuesday can only mean Try New Tuesday - What is your challenge today? Remember to try some more physical activities from list today and challenge yourself. Try something new!!

This could mean, try some new foods, are you starting to try and eat your 5-a-day - are you trying to try something to wear - are you going to try and say hi to someone new - are you going to try and be a different well being character - come on today is that day. Challenge yourself to use the document below and see if you can get to Point Score 10 for Trying New Foods!

Read the PowerPoint today and see what 'Your New' is going to be.

Be You, Try New, Stay a OHI Well-Being Hero!

22.06.2020 - Sports Wellness Week - Motivation Monday

It is Sports Wellness Week!!

Check below for the information linked to Sports Wellness Week. It is a week of showcasing a healthy living and exercising as well as looking after your Well Being. 

The week will be filled with Sports, Thinking points and time to reflect, try new things and become a Well Being Super Hero!!

Last half term, it was meant to be our Sports day. Unfortunately, we won’t get a chance to do this altogether this year. But ……  why not bring Sports Day into your household?  You could compete against your family- brothers, sisters, dad, mum, carers, grandparents or even the dog!


There are certificates to send out too however, you can make your own certificates/rosettes/trophies.

Please remember one thing……


This is a fun activity and the main idea is to have FUN with your family and have some reflection time with your Well Being.

Are you ready, Get Set, Let's Go!!

It's Motivation Monday - Check the PowerPoint above, the Sports above and the information below including your 'I Matter Tree' ' Coping Calendar and some Inspiration Posters.


Summer 2 - Week 4 Learning - 22.06.2020

Hello Year 2,

We hope you had another lovely weekend! We can't wait to hear from you and we want to thank everyone who has managed to send an email or share their work. 

Hopefully you have all had a chance to relax in the sunshine or get some fresh air. This week is a special week with lots of tasks for you to get stuck into! We hope you have lots of fun getting involved. Below are some tasks for you to continue working on the key areas of your learning alongside the special project!

We are looking forward to hearing from you all!

Take care and we still miss you very much.

Miss Clay and Miss Pickering

Spellings & SPaG

 common exception words activity book.pdfDownload
 Common exception words activity.pdfDownload
 common exception words.pdfDownload
 SPaG Guide and Task.pdfDownload
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 In the Giant's Rucksack Poem.pdfDownload
 In the Giant's Rucksack template.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Summer English Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
Showing 1-3 of 3


 Maths Recap Booklet.docx.pdfDownload
 Ultimate Times Table Daily Practice 3 Booklet.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Summer Maths Activities.pdfDownload
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Your Weekly Newspaper

Summer 2 - Week 3 Learning (15.06.2020)

 Activity Sheet Mapping the World Climates.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet Mapping The World.pdfDownload
 Georges Seurat.pdfDownload
 Healthy Mind, Healthy Me. Worries.pdfDownload
 Home Learning 15.06.20.pdfDownload
 Instructions template.pdfDownload
 Magnet wordsearch.pdfDownload
 Magnetic activity.pdfDownload
 Making a Hand Puppet.pdfDownload
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Check out this website to watch videos all about verbs and adverbs! You will need this for your instruction writing.

Use the link below to have a go at the Magnets Quiz

Username: student30211

Password: ockerhill

Activity Ideas for 7 Year olds. Take a look at the website, using the link below for lots of suggestions.

Summer 2 - Week 2 Learning - 08.06.2020

 Phase 5 Phonics task.docxDownload
 Phase 6 phonics task.docxDownload
 Phonics Phase 3 task.pdfDownload
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Here is a fabulous times table book from Twinkl for you to work through every day. If you aren't printing it, copy them straight into your book or onto paper!

Visit the website below to do some online practising of your times tables!

Have fun...

Dear parents and carers, here is an absolutely fantastic resource from Oxford Owl about Times Tables and the different ways to support children’s learning!

Get creative with your maths Year 2! See if you can find interesting ways to make arrays at home. Fun ways to make arrays

Miss Clay's Well being update - Well being Update

Why not try this Winnie and Wilbur dress up activity - Winnie and Wilbur Dress Up Activity

If you would like to do some more fun activities with Winnie and Wilbur, have a look at the website below.

Remember you can send a picture of any of your creations to

We would love to see anything you draw or make.


Here is your weekly newspaper! - First News 

Wednesday 10th June 

See here for the learning and activities - Role of the MonarchRoman NumeralsFamily TreeCrown CraftsShapes ReasoningMaths Shape challenges

If you want to do some more research on other monarchs have a look at the website below!

Check out this Monarchy song from CBBC horrible histories

Reading for Pleasure

If you have a story you would like up on the Year 2 website page, send an email to

and I will try my best to find one and put it up for all of your classmates to read or listen to!  

Miss Clay

Friday 12th June 2020

Have a look at this information about the beach.

Then, see if you can have a go at the reading comprehensions tasks underneath from Twinkl.

The answers are also below for you to check your work afterwards.

Facts about the Beach - Beach Reading Comprehension

If you want to do some more research about beaches, take a look at this website -

 Reading Comprehension Answers.pdfDownload
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In science, we are looking at how materials can change shape. Get stuck into this presentation and have a go at completing the science activities below. 

Science Materials - Changing Shape ActivitySquashing a Ball Activity


The Twinkl PowerPoint below is all about using apostrophes for possession. We have done a lesson on this at school, so refresh your memory and see if you can complete the task below. Remember to check you use apostrophes correctly when doing your writing tasks. 

SPAG - Possessive Apostrophes Possessive Apostrophe Activity

After you have completed the task below, check if you have used any possessive apostrophes in your Magic Shell story. 

Story Time -

Year 2, tune into the next part of the adventure with The Day The Crayons Came Home!

Have a lovely weekend Year 2,

We hope you are all trying to get some work done from home and working on your well-being. Remember we have to look after the whole of ourselves the best we can.

We are missing you all of course!

Love Miss Clay and Miss Pickering

Click here for a final message from Mrs Dutfield and the team at OHI

Summer 2 - Week 1 Learning (01.06.20)

Welcome back Year 2,

We hope you have all had a lovely half term and have been enjoying lots of time outdoors in the sunshine. Thank you for all the amazing 'We Love Planet Earth' posters that you have been sending in over the holidays, we are so proud of all the hard work you have been doing at home. You really are superstars!
After a well deserved rest, we hope you are ready to show off even more of your hard work.
We miss your smiley faces and we hope to see you all very soon!
Remember to stay sun smart..

Miss Pickering and Miss Clay xxx

Click on the blue dated links for your First News Newspapers - 22nd May 202029th May 2020.

Here is last week's learning -

Home Learning update - Phonics - English, The Magic Shell - Mathematics, Money.

Global day of Parents

Global Day of Parents takes place on June 1st every year. It encourages all members of the community, from children, to teachers, to parents themselves, in getting together and recognising the hard work and importance of good parenting.

Have a look at some of the activities taken from Twinkl, that you could do to say thank you!

 Colouring Card Templates.pdfDownload
 Handprint Bouquet Craft Instructions.pdfDownload
 I Love My Parents Because Lined.pdfDownload
 I Love You More Than Activity.pdfDownload
 I Love You This Much Fold Out Paper Hands.pdfDownload
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Stay Sun Smart!

With the weather being very warm and lots of us spending much more time outdoors, I just wanted to remind you all of the 'Sun Smart' poster that is displayed in our school classrooms. It is super important to remember these sun safety rules.

Wednesday 3rd June

Hello Year 2,

Here is your Wednesday update. Remember you still have today and tomorrow to finish off your Magic Shell story. Make sure you use all the resources we made for you and use your plan as a guide. This is your first draft so we won't be editing and improving it just yet! We are really looking forward to seeing your stories, keep up the good work.

Miss Clay and Miss Pickering.

P.S. We are missing you VERY much! 

This is one of our key texts this Summer term. Tune into this story and see if you can answer some of the PSHE questions.

See if you can use these writing prompts from Twinkl to complete the sentences - Writing prompts

Here is a template of the rainbow fish from Twinkl! You could try and copy the template yourself or print it out and then use collage, colouring pencils, paints or anything else you can think of to create colourful scales. We would love to see your rainbow fish so please send in a picture to your teacher at 

This clip, shows children creating a large collage.

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Have a look through this presentation to refresh your memory on some of the things you have learnt about World War One. This gives you a glimpse into what life was like for the soldiers.

Have a go at this activity, if you are copying it into your book or onto paper, write out what's inside the care box and draw the pictures underneath. think carefully about what things you would love to receive from your family at home if you were far away in the trenches. 

 WW1 Reading comp.pdfDownload
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 Friday update! 

I really enjoyed the task Miss Clay set for us to learn numbers 1 to 10 in French. I have been practising lots and I have even taught my little sister! So, I thought it would be fun for us all to have a go at learning colours in French too! Click here for a short music video to help you learn them.


In Science this week, we will be looking at solids, liquids and gases and what makes materials change state. We have planned a great science experiment for you to have a go at AND it even involves chocolate! But please remember you must have an adult at home to help you with your experiment.

Changing states

Can you help Miss Pickering find the best temperature for melting chocolate?



Follow these steps on BBC Bitesize to make your own jam jar xylophone. All you need are some jars or glasses and some water. You can even add food colouring or decorate your jars! Once you've made your jam jar xylophone you can begin to experiment with different pitches. Why not choose a song from Play It and have a go at playing along with your new instrument!

 D-Day- 6th June 2020

D-Day, or the Normandy Landings, took place during World War II, when approximately 156,000 Allied troops, made up of British, Canadian and American soldiers, landed on 5 beaches in Normandy, France. One of the largest invasions in military history, D-Day marked the beginning of the end of World War II.

Take a look at the Twinkl PowerPoint to learn more! and have a go with the D-Day activity.

Still itching to find out more?

Check out BBC Newsround, which has lots more information on what D-Day is and why it is important.

Last year was the 75th anniversary of D-Day! Scroll down to watch a soldier speak to his great-grandchildren about landings. 

Summer 1 - Week 5 Learning (18.05.20) Geography Week

Week's work - letter-to-launch-your-homework-project.pdf a-message-and-lesson-from-mrs-dutfield-.pdf ideas-for-your-homework-project.pdf poster-template.pdf  

Please send your entries and ideas into our email by Monday 1st June 2020 and you can receive a certificate for your hard work! 

Click here for your weekly newspaper.

 Friday update 

Good morning Ocker Hill parents and and children! This is Mrs Dutfield and I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all of your hard work! Many of you have sent us your project ideas to our home learning email and your teachers have loved looking at them! We are so proud of you. 

Your teachers have been working really hard on the 'We Love Planet Earth' project too! Click here to see lots of messages from your teachers, giving you some ideas for both your project and every day lives to help keep our planet safe!

 We hope you enjoy it!

Mrs Dutfield (Class Teacher and School Geography Lead) xx

Summer 1 - Week 4 Learning (11.05.20)

Click here for a short music video on numbers to ten in French! I have been taking on lots of language challenges over the last couple of weeks and have learnt new words, how to count up to ten in lots of different languages and say some phrases! I have been practising them on Miss Pickering and we decided we should share the fun with you too! So, if you would like to take on a fun weekly language challenge, tune into the video and get practising at home!

Miss Clay


Click here for a short story all about fractions!

Here is one of your favourite stories to listen to at home.

Here is a story that we would have read in class by Julia Donaldson.

Read over the top tips to support reading at home as suggested by the Education Endowment Foundation. Throughout the week pay close attention to anything your child may read and have a go at implementing a few of the top tips provided below. 

Remember to make reading as fun and encouraging as possible!

Check out this seaside quiz!

When you write your Magic Shell story, you will need to include lots of adjectives to grab the interest of the reader. Check out this BBC website all about adjectives. It has lots of information, funny videos and a quiz for you to have a go at. 

Summer 1 - Week 3 Learning (04.05.20) 

Week's work- 4th May 2020.pdf, Phonics_ WC 04.05.20.pdf, English- Character description.pdf, Maths- Shapes.pdf, Shape Quiz.pdf, Sign language greetings.pdf, BSL (2).pdf, BSL (1).pdf, Seaside.pdf Arithmetic.docx, Mystery Food Tasting Challenge.docx, Paper plate, Food chains.ppt

Messages from your teachers- From your teachersa-very-special-message.docx 

Click here for your weekly newspaper!


Victory in Europe Day, also known as VE Day, celebrates the Allied Forces accepting the Nazi’s unconditional surrender from World War 2. The final document was signed on 8 May 1945. Today, countries throughout the world celebrate VE Day every year.

In the UK, we generally celebrate VE Day with a 2-minute silence at 11 am. It gives us a chance to remember the sacrifice made by those who lost their lives and to reflect on the unimaginable pain and suffering caused by the war. 

Have a look at the Twinkl PowerPoint below to learn more!

VE Day PP.pdf

Imagine you are a soldier on the front line during during the Second World War. You have just found out that the war in Europe is over!
Write a diary entry about the experience and how you feel.

VE Day Diary Writing.pdf


Click here to watch Winston Churchill announce Germany's unconditional surrender!

Check out some other VE Day activities below!

 Wartime Recipe Booklet.pdfDownload
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'We'll meet again' is a British song made famous by the singer 'Vera Lynn'. The song is one of the most famous songs during the Second World War. 

Click play below to listen. Why not have a go at learning the lyrics!

We'll Meet Again - Lyrics.pdf

Summer 1 - Week 2 Learning (27.04.20) 

Keep practising your counting patterns. Counting forwards and backwards from a different number. Counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s forwards and backwards. Maybe you could challenge someone at home?

Here is a video about counting in your 2s

Start experimenting with music on Play It!
Explore the different elements that make up a song, play or clap along with the music and then make and listen back to your own version of songs.

Click here to access Play It!

Can you solve the maths challenge?
Have a go at solving the two maths challenges below, taken from BBC/Bitesize.

To access more daily lessons click here!

Showing 1-1 of 1

Click here to have a go at the R.E quiz about symbols and places of worship.

There are lots of fantastic video clips you can also watch here.

Have a look at these mindfulness and arts and crafts tasks that you could do at home.

Showing 1-2 of 2

 Pie Corbett has released some reading and writing materials for you to look at -  "Discover what is inside the Magical Box"

 Also Picture News have forwarded a few ideas for discussion and writing - See File list below - 

 British Values - 13th April.pdfDownload
 Learning from Home Ideas - 13th April Picture News.pdfDownload
 Picture News Paper - 13th April.pdfDownload
 Picture News Poster 13th April.jpgDownload
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Summer 1 - Week 1 Learning (20.04.2020)

Welcome back Year 2!

We hope you have all had a lovely Easter break filled with fun, family time, mindfulness and of course, lots of Easter eggs! Now you have had lots of time to relax and recharge we hope you are ready for even more learning and that you will continue to shine like the super stars that you are.

We miss you lots and can’t wait to see you all very soon, stay safe.

Miss Pickering and Miss Clay

We hope you have managed to write a few diary entries during the time you have been learning from home. If you haven’t yet, don’t worry as you can start today! We have uploaded a PowerPoint for you from Twinkl about using tense, some fantastic posters with lots of great words that you could use in your writing and a diary checklist to make sure you stay on track. Remember how important diaries can be, for example, we learnt a lot about The Great Fire of London thanks to Samuel Pepys’ diary! Hopefully, we can share some of these when we are back to school. Keep up the good work.

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St. George’s Day - Here is a website link with quizzes and videos all about St. George’s Day, this will help you with your tasks. See if you could make a celebration poster about St. George’s Day, using some of the facts you have learnt and have a go at creating your own fact file.

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In the UK, Ramadan began on the evening of Thursday 23rd April and will finish the evening of Saturday 23rd May. This is an important Islamic event where Muslims focus on prayer, fasting and giving. Have a look at the following resources to learn more.


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The websites below have lots of fun and exciting crafts that you might be able to do at home.

Here are a few extra craft ideas from Twinkl.


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Here is some news from Picture News for you all with some activities they have sent over too!

 Animal Watch 3rd A.pdfDownload
 British Values - 30th March.pdfDownload
 Learning from Home Ideas - 6th April.pdfDownload
 Picture News at Home - 30th March.pdfDownload
 Picture News Paper - 30th March.pdfDownload
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Interesting Facts about Worms

  • An earthworm has no arms, legs or eyes.
  • Worms have the ability to eat their own weight in a day
  • Many animals get their food from the soil, but the earthworm eats the soil itself.  
  • If a worm's skin dries out, it will die.
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