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letter head online tulips 2020 pdf.pdf 

-letter head online poppies 2020 pdf.pdf

Reception learning

This page is for Reception Learning over the coming weeks of school closure. This page will be regularly updated for you to access learning and ideas with your child.

Please find below the information that was sent out with your learning book.

Learning at home Rec.pdf

Hello children,

Welcome to your home learning page. We hope you have had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to doing lots of learning at home.  Your Reception teachers will give you a Letters and Sounds, English and Maths activities to do with an adult or a sibling at home.  Some of the things we will give you to do will be things you have already learnt and it will give you a chance to practise it some more and show your adults and siblings just what you can do!  We will also send you new learning to take part in to keep you engaged and learning creatively. This will help inspire you further however you mat need some help and clarification. Remember to be using Queenie Questioner to question the learning; Sammy Summariser to summarise the learning and Clarissa Clarifier to clarify the learning that takes place. Along with this; remember Rosie Resilience - keep bouncing back; Connor Concentration - concentrate on your task in hand; Penny Perseverance - keep on trying

Whilst you are at home, we would really like you to think about a home learning project.  This can be something you are really interested in and would like to find out more about. This could be based on space, animals, insects, science or transport etc. You might like to create an arts and craft project, poster or your own information book about what you have found out.

Don’t forget to read every day too!  Enjoy your week, work hard and have fun all.

Miss Bailey and Miss Gittins

Geography Project 'We Love Our Planet' Friday update 22.05.20

A message from your teachers

Good morning Ocker Hill parents and and children! This is Mrs Dutfield and I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all of your hard work! Many of you have sent us your project ideas to our home learning email and your teachers have loved looking at them! We are so proud of you. I hope you like your certificate! 


There is still time to enter your project by email, the completion date is Monday 1st June 2020 after your half term holiday. So please keep sending your ideas in to our email, we love to see your ideas! 


Today we have a little treat for you! Your teachers have been working really hard on the 'We Love Planet Earth' project too! The presentation below has lots of messages from your teachers, giving you some ideas for both your project and every day lives to help keep our planet safe!


We hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes and thanks again, 

Mrs Dutfield (Class Teacher and School Geography Lead) xx

Summer 1 - Week 5 - 18.05.2020. Geography Project.

Good morning Ocker Hill parents and children! This is Mrs Dutfield and this week I am setting a homework challenge for you and your families to enjoy! The homework project is called 'We Love Our Planet!' and is set in conjunction with World Environmental Day 2020. All the details and resources for this week are below, I hope you enjoy them! Please send your entries and ideas into our email by Monday 1st June 2020 and you can receive a certificate for your hard work! 

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by email!

Many thanks, Mrs Dutfield (Class Teacher and School Geography Lead) xx

Your poster template....

Below are even more resources for you to enjoy with your family, hope you enjoy them!


Twinkl Messy Magpie Story The Messy Magpie story.pdf

Twinkl Messy Magpie Information Powerpoint Recycling information from Messy Magpie.pdf

Twinkl Messy Magpie Sorting Game Messy magpie recycling sorting game.pdf

We're Going Green! Song

Turtle Diaries Recycling Game

British Council Recycling Game

Summer 1 - Week 4 Learning - 11.05.2020

Scroll down for Wednesday Learning...

Hello Reception, we hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed lots of VE Day celebrations!

Remember you can send your work or a message to your teachers using the email 

Our topic this week is going to be all about bears. So far we have looked at fiction books about bears including: 'Peace at Last' and 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. This week we are going to explore non-fiction books which tell us lots of different facts about bears.


Have a look at this PowerPoint from Twinkl all about bears..

Look at this video to explore different facts about bears around the world: 

We would like you to make a fact file about bears. Have a look at this PowerPoint about non-fiction books and then choose a bear to write a fact file about..

Have a look at this example of fact file about pandas..

Wednesday Learning

Hey to all our Reception families

We hope that all of you are safe and well and enjoying the work that is set for you on the page.

We miss you all; with those smiles and chats that you all share and hope that you are sharing those with your families.

Remember; we are all here to support you and email us if you need us; Miss Gittins and Miss Bailey will always respond quickly.

Stay Safe, Stay Active, Take Care and look after each other.

Kind Regards

Poppies and Tulips staff :) 


Today we are looking at 2d and 3d shapes. We are having a go at naming the shapes, sorting the shapes into 2D and 3D as well as describing the shapes using the properties. 2D shapes are flat, 3D shapes are solid. Use the PowerPoiint below to test and teach the Shape names and properties...

Shape songs will help you to support with shape names and describing them - 2D  3D  2D

Can you continue to research Bears. Look at the PowerPoint below to help you with information and questions to support your learning - Polar Bear facts -

Bears hibernate and there is a PowerPoint below to help support your hibernation learning. Have a look and discuss this with your families...

The PowerPoint below helps you to use and develop you estimation skills. What does Estimation mean? Can you estimate? Look at the PowerPoint to support your learning...

Here is some activitioes to help you with your estimation - Have a go!!

Bear estimate.pdf   Bear estimate 2.pdf    Bear estimate 3.pdf

Maybe you can now try and learn the estimate song -


Friday Update

Your Friday update; keep working hard and keep making memories, Stay Safe, Take Care and remember how much your teachers miss you.

It is very important that you exercise, stay healthy, love each other and talk lots and explore as much as you can...

Below is document for parent information to support your children with reading, Askking Questions, Getting more information and Developing comprehension.

Have a read of these interesting facts about American black bears and then have a go at answering the questions...

Here is some speed phonics for you - See how many words you can segment and blend as well as write.

We would like you to discuss and explore ice! 

Have a look at the PowerPoint below and discuss the questions and then you could have a go at one of the experiments- what do you think will happen to the ice?


Have a look at this interesting ice experiment, you might want to have a go at this at home: 

Take a look at the ice investigation below. 

Which one do you think will melt the ice the quickest?

What else could we use to try and melt the ice?

Remember to use Pete Predict to help you discuss what you think will happen.

We would like you to practice the days of the week, seasons and months of the year. Look at this useful PowerPoin and activities from Twinkl to help you.

Days of the week song: 

Months of the year song:

Seasons song: 


Let's get creative; this week for Design and Technology; we are designing an igloo; this could be a safe place for the Bears to go and keep themselves warm.. -  

PSHE - we can have great discussions about Dreams and Goals - we often set ourselves goals and targets to work towards... What and How do you want to challenge yourselves next?

Music - This week we have new Music to listen and respond to before we continue too sing the Bear Funk Song.

Physical Education - Keep active and Keep trying new Physical activities; use the PE cards or just go into the garden and exercise to keep your body and mind healthy. Warm up, physical activity, cool down!!

Summer 1 - Week 3 Learning - 04.05.2020

Reminder... Don't forget your work can be emailed to 

This week we have a new Story - Peace At Last -Listen here - 

Monday Learning - Mon - week beg 4th May R.pdf

Peace at Last Story PowerPoint - Peace at Last.pdf

Reading Comprehension - peace at last comprehension.pdf

Sequencing Pictures - Peace-at-last-sequencing.pdf

Can you write a caption/ sentence to match a picture - Captions and sentences.pdf

Write a character profile for Mr Bear - Peace at Last Character profile.pdf

Fill in the missing words - fill in the missing words.pdf

Maths - Ordinal numbers - Ordinal Numbers.pdf

Cut and stick the bears using ordinal number - 1st - 5th Ordinal bears 2.pdf

1st to 10th Ordinal bears.pdf

Snappy Maths - Can you use the PowerPoint to help you chant your numbers and continue your Snappy Maths - Number Patterns - Number Patterns Snappy Maths.pdf

When you have explored the Story - Maybe you can discuss you special place - look at the powerpoint below to help you discuss this further -  My Special place.pdf

Wednesday Update -

Wednesday Update - home-learning-wednesday-6th-may.pdf

Word mat to help - word-mat Wed.pdf

Sequencing the story and language - word-mat Wed.pdf

Handwriting - letter formation - letter-formation HW.pdf

Twinkl - letter formation handbook - letter-formation-workbook.pdf

Video to help with letter formation:

Maths - Telling the time and sequencing events - time-powerpoint.pdf

This week it is Deaf Awareness Week - We live in a society where we are all different and this week we take the time to celebrate Deaf Awareness Week.

Twinkl shares Deaf Awareness information powerpoint  -Deaf-Awareness-Week-Powerpoint Twinkl.pdf

Here you can find nursery rhyme songs video in British Sign Language. We hope you have a try and enjoy this -

Why not try Twinkl's greetings in British Sign Language at home with your families - Sign language greetings.pdf


This week, we are uploading today (Thursday)  as tomorrow (Friday) is the Bank Holiday - VE day. VE day is to celebrate this important time called Victory in Europe Day for the United Kingdom. This Friday marks 75 years since VE Day as the United Kingdom remembers the end of the war. Take a moment to remember the ones that went before us. There is more about this further down the page.

Also you will find a message from Miss Clark and Mrs Hobin 

Thursday Learning - Thur - week beg 4th May R.pdf

Twinkl share a VE Day Presentation - VE Day facts PP.pdf

Design a medal - design-a-medal.pdf  Make some bunting - union-jack-template-display-bunting.pdf

VE Day ideas - ve-day-ideas.pdf

Wartime Recipes - wartime-recipe-booklet.pdf

Have a go at singing this traditional war time song below...

We'll meet again lyrics - we-ll-meet-again---lyrics-1-.pdf


Backing music - We'll Meet Again - Backing Track.mp3   


In snappy maths we have been looking at number patterns - snappy-maths-thurs.pdf

One of our favourite days in Reception is...….. PE Day. Have a look below at the activity cards that you can try.. - ABC physical education workcards - 3-5 year olds.pdf

In line with VE day and Peace at last we are going to be looking at Diversity in families. Use the PowerPoint to discuss families - maybe learn this song too

Also along with VE Day and Families; we will look at Houses and Homes. Use the PowerPoint to discuss houses and homes further - Have a go at drawing your home - Houses and Homes.pdf

Homes and Observational Drawing - art--drawing-house.pdf

Music - This week we Listen and respond to 'Don't you worry bout a thing' by Incognito and talk about how it makes us feel and then  we continue to learn the 'Bear Funk' Song using the copy back - see PowerPoint - Music.pdf

Summer 1 - Week 2 Learning - 27.04.2020

New initiative - Don't forget you can access daily online learning from Oak National Academy - Take a look for  additional help and support 


This week we are still exploring We're going on a Bear Hunt; developing more skills over the week, writing a story, adding and subtracting, doubling and halving, baking, making, exploring and as always Phonics and Reading.

Don't forget we now have the learning email address;; where you can send all your project work for the teachers to see :-)

Literacy activities - Use the Story and writing Frame to help you to write the story -




Phonics Phase 1 - segemting-and-blending-pp.pptx

A message from your teachers... class-messages.pdf

Summer 1 - Week 1 Learning - 20.04.2020

Welcome Back to you all; after what we hope was a Fun Filled Chocolate Blessed Easter Break. 

Miss Bailey, Miss Gittins and  the Reception Team would like to continue to encourage you during these times to keep shining, keep being you, stay safe, stay positive and of course be AMAZING!

Reminding you that we think about you every day and remember your awesome smiles as each day we had fun filled learning where you explored, shared, interpreted and show your true colours in every way. We miss you lots. We will continue to send you message; set you work and know how hard you are working on many tasks from school as well as from home, exploring your home, your garden, your skills and most of all enjoying precious time with your families in your home. :)

Week Beginning 20th April 2020

Messages from Mrs Hobin and Miss Clark - message-jc-hh.pdf

New Story - We're going on a Bear Hunt. -


This week our new story is We're Going on a Bear Hunt - you can listen to and interact this story in a variety of ways - see links - -  -

Retell the story with a adult and use pictures to discuss the story - remembering to use Alan Peat Boxing Clever - Who? Where? What goes wrong? What next? Feelings?

Monday Update - home-learning-week-comm-20th-april.pdf

Wednesday Update - home-learning-wednesday-20th-april.pdf

Friday Update - Fri - week beg 20th April R.pdf

See the source image



Alan Peat Boxing Clever

Story Bags


Discuss and sequence






See the source imageStory Map








Literacy - retell - english-retelling-story-going-on-a-bear-hunt.pptx - captions -  phonics-sheet-matching-captions.pdf phonics-sheet-matching-captions.pdf - example-of-poster.pdf

Here are some other subject area and creative ideas for you to try linked to our story this week...



On Thursday 23rd April it is St George's Day! Take a look at the PowerPoint below from Twinkl... -  t-tp-673-eyfs-all-about-st-georges-day-information-powerpoint-english.ppt

Friday Update 24.04.2020

Morning children; Friday; Don't forget to keep working on all those skills that you have been learning and also make sure you make time to make amazing memories with your families; take photos on your walk., try and walk somewhere new for you daily exercise, make a garden den, do some baking, work on using some lego and construct and finally having a short time on your favourite computer game; which might be something off Education City or Active Learn now. Keep up the good work!!

Please see below for the work document, PowerPoints and video links below:

Image preview

Friday update  - fri---week-beg-20th-april-r.pdf

Doubling - what is Doubling? Can you chant you doubles? Can you write them down using the addition symbol

Double 1 makes....

Double 2 make...

Maths - Doubling - doubling-1-to-5-powerpoint.pdf

Ramadan - 

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community. A commemoration of Muhammad's first revelation, the annual observance of Ramadan is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam and lasts twenty-nine to thirty days, from one sighting of the crescent moon to the next.

Ramadan with Idris - 

Ramadan pot- the_holy_month_of_ramadan.pdf

Week 2 Learning...

Miss Gittins, Miss Bailey and the Reception team would like to encourage you in these hard times and remind you that daily we think about you and what you may be doing. We truly hope that you enjoy each update and are working hard academically as well as socially and creatively. The world is your oyster and as much as our journey was cut a little short; we continue to work altogether as a team in unity...

Miss Gittins, Miss Bailey, Miss Clark, Miss Bennett, Mrs Hobin, Tulips and Poppies children.


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                                                       Week Beginning 30th March- The Easter story 

It is almost Easter! Have a look at the Easter story and explore how Easter is celebrated in the UK.

The Easter story- 

Easter celebrations- 


Phonics songs:

Phase 2 tricky word song- 

Phase 3 tricky word song-


Days of the week song- 

A PowerPoint from Twinkl to help discuss Spring..... Thank you Twinkl - all-about-spring-powerpoint.pptx

Hi Reception

Today would be our last day of Spring 2 and we would now be breaking up for the Easter Break - We would have made lots of Easter Crafts including chocolate nests, Easter baskets with an egg, Easter cards, retold the Easter Story and learnt about Easter and Spring - bring new life. We hope you are all well and will have a lovely chilled Easter with lots of family fun, chocolate and treats. We have uploaded your Friday update some revision from Twinkl and some lovely crafts and fun for you to have. 

Happy Easter to you all and your families. Miss you always

Miss Bailey, Miss Gittins, Mrs Hobin, Miss Clark and Miss Bennett.


Wake up, Shake up dance- 

Phonics support - phonicsphase3.pptx

Ideas and information.... Maths - Reception maths activities 30032020.pdf

                                       Literacy - Phonics info.pdf

                                     UW -Make Hot Cross buns -

                                    EAD -Make an Easter basket -

                                 Making chocolate nests -

Week 1 Learning...

Last week's learning - Beginning 23rd March - Jack and the Beanstalk - See documents below also.

Last week was Jack and the Beanstalk in the Traditional Tales Topic.

Here is a copy of the story on SlideShare: Jack and the Beanstalk.pdf

Last week's learning included:

 Letters and Sounds -  Practising the tricky words - I, no, go, the, into, to, we, me, she, he, be.

Also recapping all phase 2 sounds including digraph sounds;  ll, ss, zz, ff. as well as phase 3, sh, ch, th, ng. This can include reading words with these phonemes and digraphs as well as practicing spelling and writing captions with the above too. e.g. huff - puff - miss - buzz - fuzz - less - pull - well - shop - push - chop - such - thin - path - ring - bang. Also; fish and chip - pull the leg - miss the bell - run  the bath..

English - Thinking about writing instructions for planting a seed - writing a shopping list - writing a daily diary. 

Maths - Exploring 2D and 3D shapes in and around your home.

Mindfulmindful colouring.jpg

Monday update - Tues- week beg 23rd-march.pdf

Wednesday update - Wed - week beg 23rd-march.pdf

Friday update - Fri - week beg 23rd-march.pdf

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