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** Please remember to send us any pictures or videos to  Your teachers would love to see your happy faces or your fabulous work **


Hello families.

Hoping that you are all keeping well. 

Please find some information from the Good to Know Newsletter.

ParentZone have rounded up a list of 24 great summer reads for children of every age, guaranteed to get even the most reluctant of readers hungrily turning those pages. Click here for more information

Parent Zone have produced a list of 22 summer learning resources that children will love. Click here for Summer learning resources that children will love.

CEOP have produced a new family activity sheet for the summer holidays which involves explore favourite videos together. Click here for information.

Change for Life have produced information for families with ideas for healthier meals and exercise tips for children. Click here for Change4Life.

Public Health England has launched a major new adult health campaign. COVID-19 has affected the whole country; for almost everyone, life has had to fundamentally change. But it has also prompted many people to reflect and think more seriously about their health. Click here for Better Health.

Remember to please get in touch if you need anything from us at school. - -

Take care all and Stay Safe.


Morning Families;

Hope you are having a good summer break and staying safe. Remember to work on those key skills and use the suggested website in your booklet as well as the websites that you have your logs ins for; Oxford Owl, Education City; Active Learn. Make learning Fun!!

Don's forget the Sandwell Libraries challenge and activities with the Silly Squad, Sign up and have fun. Please see the Activities book for the library below.

Summer Revision Skills Booklet

Dear families of Ocker Hill Infant and Nursery.

Thank you for all the engagement and interaction with the home learning on the website and sending work in for the teachers to see. This truly has been a new way of working and we thank you for the support.

This is greatly appreciated in such times that we have been experiencing; we hope that you have found it helpful for you with the lessons, guidance, work and activities that have been set.

We are uploading Summer Skills books below that you can use and work through at your own leisure if you would like.

Also remember that we are available by email for any questions and support you would like.

This page is for Nursery Learning over the coming weeks of school closure. This page will be regularly updated for you to access learning and ideas with your child.

Please find below the information that was sent out with your learning book.

Learning at home.Nursery.pdf


Reminder letter to parents regarding Online Learning - online learning reminder letter.pdf

Please see attached  a copy of the letter for the log ins for online learning sites.

Buttercups - letter head online buttercups 2020.pdf

Daisies - letter head online daisies 2020.pdf

Hello children,

Welcome back to your home learning page. We hope you have had a lovely break over the Whitsun holiday and have been enjoying the beautiful sunshine! We hope you are excited to take part in more home learning activities. We will continue to upload phonics, Literacy and Maths activities to do with an adult or a sibling at home on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You will have the opportunity to practise skills you already have and also learn lots of new and exciting things. Your teachers in nursery all miss you very much and hope to see you very soon. 


**Don't forget we love to see pictures or videos of you completing home learning activities, of your fantastic work or just to see your happy faces!  These can be sent to the following email address- **

Take care

Mrs Perrow

New books from The Magnatian Press

The Magination Press write a range of books about families and how different all families are. They have wrote books and resources for talking to children about racial injustice.


Read the story here - Book - Something Happened in Our Town 

Book - Lulu the One and Only - Discusses Family differences - But being a mix of Mama and Daddy always brings around THAT question. I hate THAT question. "What are you?"

Why not ask 'Who are you?'

Read the story here - Lulu, the One and Only - or listen here - click here for the story.

06.07.2020 - OHI Ourselves Project!

Morning to all the OHI families.

Here is hoping you had a good weekend with families.

With the times forever changing and 2020 being a very different year to us.

Today we launch a new project 'Ourselves'.

Below you can click on links to see the Staff from Ocker Hill Infant and Nursery 2020.

You can click on the links to see the different members of staff and find out a little bit about them.

Now all we ask is that YOU ALL do the same.

With your families, can you create; anyway you would like;

Ourselves, about you so you can tell us all a little bit about you.

What are your interests? What is your favourite colour? What do you like to do in your spare time?

This is a great way to share info about the OHI family that we are.

Send your chosen designs for your project to - 

We can't wait to see and read them. 

Get creative!!

Click here for Mrs Faulkner

  Click here for Mrs Strange

  Click here for Mrs Griffiths

  Click here for Miss Bumford

  Click here for Mrs Golding

Click here for Miss Bailey

  Click here for Mrs Hobin

  Click here for Miss Clark

 Click here for Miss Stevens

  Click here for Miss Gittins

 Click here for Mrs Perrow

 Click here for Miss Eastwood

 Click here for Miss Richards

  Click here for Miss Bodenham

Click here for Miss Havenhand

 Click here for Miss Clay

 Click here for Mrs Newell

Click here for Mrs Beckett

 Click here for Mrs Sherwood

  Click here for Mrs Heath

  Click here for Mrs Bull

 Click here for Miss Pickering

  Click here for Mrs Powell

 Click here for Mrs Hughes


A Huge Thank You to all of those that took part in Sports Wellness Week.

Check the PowerPoint for what your teachers did over the week.

It is very important to Keep Fit; Stay Healthy, Look after your Well-being, Not Judge, Be Kind, Show Respect, Stay Motivated, Be mindful, Think, Keep Learning, Stay Connected and most of all

Be You; 

You Matter, 

Make a Difference, 

Be an OHI Sports Wellness Hero!!

Remember to scroll down for Week 5 Learning!

See what your teachers did over Sports Wellness Week!!


29.06.2020  Summer 2- Week 5

Week Beginning 29th June 

Week 5 Learning will include:

Letters and Sounds- Revising skills needed to sound out and blend simple words and beginning to learn to recognise some Phase 2 tricky words

Literacy- Practising 'Old Macdonald Had a Farm', developing vocabulary and writing simple labels.

Maths- Developing addition and subtraction skills and beginning to record.

Useful clips and videos for this week’s learning:


This week's song and mindful colouring from Twinkl

Use the PowerPoint to play 'Who Am I?' Listen carefully and when you hear the description; can you guess the animal being described...

Maths - use the Twinkl PowerPoint to try and recognise numbers and count the object to match - remember to be careful with your counting; we must count reliably :) take your time...

Maths - Let's have a go at doing some simple adding; or maybe you say addition. Remember some people also say plus.... Use the PowerPoint to help your learning....

26.06.2020 -Sports Wellness Week - Finishing Friday

WOW WOW WOW Families

How has you wellness Week been? Good, Challenging, Exciting; Tell Us!

It is Finishing Friday! Which could only mean Crafts time; make those medals, make those trophies

YOU are an OHI Wellness Hero!

What have you done to change this week? What new skills have you learnt?

So get those totals and tallies completed and to us at

Revise some skills!

We say Congratulations for being an OHI Wellness Hero. Congratulate yourself!

Remember to keep using Chirpy and bounce.


´Remember; You cannot get through a day without having an impact on the world around you; What YOU do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind what kind of difference you want to make!!

25.06.2020 - Sports Wellness Week - Thinking Thursday

Good morning Families; Good morning Thursday.

Thinking Thursday!!

Hooping that you are all well....

What a week for Sports Wellness Week.

We hope you are getting lots of exercise activities in (click here to see them again) and also having time to interact with the other activities that have been put up.

How was your mindful colouring in the sun and heat; mine was very warm although the view from the window was lovely.

So today we have Thinking Thursday; what are we challenged to do today? Think; look, observe, show awareness, show respect, show kindness.

The world is full of people that are all different; but remember we area a social community team that should work together to make change.

Think about your favourite footballer; your favourite athlete, your favourite actor, your favourite singer. Most likely all very different but all with passion for what they do; celebrating team work and unity as well as togetherness with differences.

Check below for activities for Thinking Thursday; what can you change, 

What OHI Super Power will you show!?

24.06.2020 - Sports Wellness Week - Well-being Wednesday

Hey all OHI families.

How are your sports activities going? How are your discussions?

Well, half way through the week and today is Well-being Wednesday - That's right; as well as your health, You must look after your well-being. How I hear you say!

Dissolve a thought - dissolve those thoughts away, keep your head space clear and remember the 5 ways; 1 - Connect, 2 - Take Notice, 3 - Keep Learning, 4 - Be Active, 5 - Give.

Click Here for the list of Sports Activities

So go for walks, connect with the nature and the sights; Stop and think, how are you feeling; How does something make you feel; Take a chance for new opportunities and experiences; Move that body, come on stay active and of course, give a little, what could you give and take a moment to be mindful, listen, do a colouring, share your thought, be humble.

So Give it a go.... Look after your well-being... Take that opportunity to take notice and connect and most of all, be active and Be YOU!

Have a good day all, you are all amazing!

23.06.2020 - Sports Wellness Week - Try New Tuesday

Tuesday can only mean Try New Tuesday - What is your challenge today? Remember to try some more physical activities from list today and challenge yourself. Try something new!!

This could mean, try some new foods, are you starting to try and eat your 5-a-day - are you trying to try something to wear - are you going to try and say hi to someone new - are you going to try and be a different well being character - come on today is that day. Challenge yourself to use the document below and see if you can get to Point Score 10 for Trying New Foods!

Read the PowerPoint today and see what 'Your New' is going to be.

Be You, Try New, Stay a OHI Well-Being Hero!

22.06.2020 - Sports and Wellness Week - Motivation Monday.

It is Sports Wellness Week!!

Check below for the information linked to Sports Wellness Week. It is a week of showcasing a healthy living and exercising as well as looking after your Well Being. 

The week will be filled with Sports, Thinking points and time to reflect, try new things and become a Well Being Super Hero!!

Last half term, it was meant to be our Sports day. Unfortunately, we won’t get a chance to do this altogether this year. But ……  why not bring Sports Day into your household?  You could compete against your family- brothers, sisters, dad, mum, carers, grandparents or even the dog!


There are certificates to send out too however, you can make your own certificates/rosettes/trophies.

Please remember one thing……


This is a fun activity and the main idea is to have FUN with your family and have some reflection time with your Well Being.

Are you ready, Get Set, Let's Go!!

It's Motivation Monday - Check the PowerPoint above, the Sports above and the information below including your 'I Matter Tree' ' Coping Calendar and some Inspiration Posters.


Summer 2 - Week 4 - 22.06.2020

We have many skills to practise this week alongside our 'Sports Wellness Week'. Remember practise helps us get better at all the skills we need to learn in Nursery... Have fun!!

Twinkl has helped us with a farm word mat.

Twinkl has sent Hungry Rabbit to help us order Numbers to 20

Help with sharing a story with your child using segmenting and blending.

Summer 2-  Week 3- 15.06.20 

Week Beginning 15th June

Week 3 Learning will include:

Letters and Sounds- Continuing to work on robot talk, orally blending cvc words and listening for new sounds.

Literacy- Sharing stories about farm animals, answering simple questions and matching words.

Maths- Repeated animal patterns and combining small sets of animals.

Useful clips and videos for this week’s learning:

Monday Update - Monday  The Little Red Hen'from Twinkl -The Little Red Hen   Now look at the farm animals below - Can you name the animals; Can you say what the initial (first) sound is for that animal e.g I can see a cow. Cow starts with 'c'-Hearing sounds .  Combining sets of farm animals from Twinkl-Adding sets  How about counting farm animals by Twinkl - they help us a lot with learning... :)- Counting reliably Today we will look at touch counting and adding simple sets - this is adding or sometimes we say combining 2 sets together!! Let's look at adding. We can also say Addition - Addition Phonics - Test yourself with phonics - Try the PowerPoints to say and hear sounds; Revise and then challenge - PhonicsPhase 2 Phonics

Wednesday update -Wednesday     Let's find out where animals live with this presentation from Twinkl - Animals

Friday update -Friday -On the FarmOn a farm

Summer 2-  Week 2- 8.06.20 

Week Beginning 8th June

Week 2 Learning will include:

Letters and Sounds- Continuing to work on robot talk, orally blending cvc words and listening for new sounds.

Literacy- Practising ‘Incy Wincy Spider’, creating books using cutting and sticking skills and recording spider facts.

Maths- Beginning to think about capacity in simple ways, introducing the concept of ‘full’ and ‘empty’.

Useful clips and videos for this week’s learning from Oxford Owl and Twinkl:

full and empty song.pptx

- See if you can spot the spider’s web in this non-fiction book- ‘Patterns’

Login: buttercups or daisies            Password: ockerhill

Geography Project Final Message 

Click here for a final message from Mrs Dutfield and the staff at OHI.

Welcome back after Whitsun break - Summer 2 - 01.06.2020

Week Beginning 1st June

Week 1 Learning will include:

Letters and Sounds- Tuning in and listening for environmental sounds around us, recapping some of the sound we have been listening for in previous learning and orally segmenting blending cvc words.

Literacy- Learning 'Incy Wincy Spider', answering simple questions and sequencing the rhyme.

Maths- Recognising and ordering numbers, one more and one less.

Useful clips and videos for this week's learning:

Click on the blue links for - Monday Update Wednesday UpdateFriday Update


A fun song from Twinkl to practise making long, short, loud and quiet sounds: phase-1-song.pdf

Geography Project 'We Love Our Planet' Friday update 22.05.20

A message from your teachers

Good morning Ocker Hill parents and and children! This is Mrs Dutfield and I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all of your hard work! Many of you have sent us your project ideas to our home learning email and your teachers have loved looking at them! We are so proud of you. I hope you like your certificate! 

There is still time to enter your project by email, the completion date is Monday 1st June 2020 after your half term holiday. So please keep sending your ideas in to our email, we love to see your ideas!  

Today we have a little treat for you! Your teachers have been working really hard on the 'We Love Planet Earth' project too! The presentation below has lots of messages from your teachers, giving you some ideas for both your project and every day lives to help keep our planet safe! 

We hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes and thanks again, 

Mrs Dutfield (Class Teacher and School Geography Lead) xx

A thank you - thank-you-teachers-and-children-presentation.pdf

Summer 1 - Week 5 - 18.05.2020. Geography Project

Good morning Ocker Hill parents and children! This is Mrs Dutfield and this week I am setting a homework challenge for you and your families to enjoy! The homework project is called 'We Love Our Planet!' and is set in conjunction with World Environmental Day 2020. All the details and resources for this week are below, I hope you enjoy them! Please send your entries and ideas into our email by Monday 1st June 2020 and you can receive a certificate for your hard work! 

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by email!

Many thanks, Mrs Dutfield (Class Teacher and School Geography Lead) xx

A letter to launch the project - letter-to-launch-your-homework-project.pdf

A message and  a lesson - a-message-and-lesson-from-mrs-dutfield-.pdf

Ideas for homework - ideas-for-your-homework-project.pdf

Your poster template - poster-template.pdf

Peppa Pig Recycling -

What does it mean to be green -

I can save the Earth -

How to help the Earth -

The Earth Book -


Below are even more resources for you to enjoy with your family, hope you enjoy them!

 Twinkl Messy Magpie Story The Messy Magpie story.pdf

Twinkl Messy Magpie Information Powerpoint Recycling information from Messy Magpie.pdf

Twinkl Messy Magpie Sorting Game Messy magpie recycling sorting game.pdf

We're Going Green! Song

Turtle Diaries Recycling Game

British Council Recycling Game

Summer 1 - Week 4 Learning - 11.05.2020

Week Beginning 11th May

Week 4 Learning will include:

Letters and Sounds- Developing oral segmenting and blending skills, playing a range of fun phonics games and creative activities

Literacy- Learning 'Mary Mary, Quite Contrary', sequencing the rhyme and writing simple labels.

Maths- Learning to use size language in context, counting sets and completing repeated patterns.

Useful clips and videos for this week's learning- 

Twinkl has allowed us to share the Powerpoint below about parts of a plant - t-t-27572-eyfs-parts-of-a-plant-powerpoint.ppt

Summer 1 - Week 3 Learning - 04.05.2020

Week Beginning 4th May

Week 3 Learning will include:

Letters and Sounds- Continuing to listen for sounds in CVC words and oral segmenting and blending.

Literacy- Practising Hickory Dickory Dock, adding actions, continuing a rhyming string and writing key words.

Maths- Looking at different clocks/ watches, recognising and writing numbers.

Useful clips and videos for this week's learning:

As Friday is VE day there are lots of fun and exciting activities below for you to have a go at with your family. Twinkl have  created some lovely tasks, such as designing your own medal. Don't forget we would love to see any work you are doing at home. Please email photos or videos to 

Monday Update - home-learning-week-comm-4th-may-monday.pdf


What is your special place? - My Special place.pdf

Wednesday Update

Message from the Staff - Staff messages.pdf


Wednesday Learning - home-learning-week-comm-4th-may-wednesday-update.pdf

Thursday Update

As Friday is VE day there are lots of fun and exciting activities below for you to have a go at with your family. Twinkl have  created some lovely tasks, such as designing your own medal. Don't forget we would love to see any work you are doing at home. Please email photos or videos to 

Thursday Update - 7.5.20-nursery-update-ve-day.pdf


Design a medal, create some bunting and do a colouring by Twinkl for VE Day - ve-day-resources.pdf


The song below 'We'll meet again' is used to celebrate VE Day - have a look and try and learn it with your families - we-ll-meet-again-lyrics.pdf

Summer 1 - Week 2 Learning - 27.04.2020

Week Beginning 27th April 

Week 2 Learning will include:

Letters and Sounds- Moving on from initial sounds, trying to hear more sounds in CVC words and supported oral segmenting/ blending.

Literacy- Learning this week's new nursery rhyme 'Hickory Dickory Dock', sequencing and completing missing words.

Maths- Designing a clock using 2d shapes and counting in a range of ways.

Useful clips and videos for this week's learning: 

Monday update- home-learning-week-comm-27th-april.pdf

Wednesday update - home-learning-week-comm-27th-april-wednesday-update.pdf 

Friday update - home-learning-week-comm-27th-april-friday-update.docx 


Try and use the PowerPoint below to help with the odd one out for Phonics - odd-one-out-satpin.pdf

Maths - 2D Shapes - Twinkl also shares Shape linked to Everyday Objects - 2d-shapes.pdf

Some extra Resources from Twinkl to support Hickory Dickory Resources

 Hickory Dickory craft activity.pdfDownload
 Hickory Dickory Cutting skills.pdfDownload
 Hickory Dickory Dock Poster.pdfDownload
 Hickory Dickory PowerPoint.pptxDownload
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Summer 1 - Week 1 Learning - 20.04.2020


Week Beginning 20th April

Week 1 Learning will include:

Letters and Sounds- Practising listening for initial sounds in words and playing listening games - -  -

Literacy- Reflecting upon Easter fun we had at home and thinking about key workers who are helping us all at the moment. 

Maths- Recognising and completing repeated patterns and making 3d models.

Monday update - home-learning-week-comm-20th-april.pdf

Wedesday update - home-learning-week-comm-20th-april-wednesday-update.pdf

Friday update - home-learning-week-comm-20th-april-friday-update.pdf

Week 2 Learning 

Week Beginning 30th March

Week 2 Learning will include:

Letters and Sounds- Building on rhyme, completing missing words in familiar nursery rhymes and hearing initial sounds in objects around the home.

Literacy- Sharing stories and recalling key events, fine motor and pencil control.

Maths- Recognising 2d shapes, finding them in the environment and beginning to describe them.

Monday update- home learning week comm 30th.pdf

Wednesday update- Week beginning 30th march wednesday update.pdf

Friday update- Week comm 30th Friday update.pdf


Phonics help -




Twinkl shares some good ideas to help -  please see below-

Week 1 Learning...

Week Beginning 23rd March

Week 1 learning  included:

 Letters and Sounds -  Practising rhyme and alliteration; practicing rhyming words; hearing initial sounds in words and objects.

Also recapping all phase 2 sounds so that children can recognise them from sight.

Literacy - Practising name writing - writing initial sounds - writing letter like shapes - making meaning to marks made

Maths - number recognition - one more/less than a given number - making sets given

Monday - update - monday-23rd-march Nursery.pdf

Wednesday - update - Wed - week beg 23rd-march N.pdf



Week 1 learning will included:
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